Chain Link Fencing

Backyard chain link fence

Chain link is a classic choice due to its reasonable cost, high flexibility and durable design. Chain link is a great application for residential and commercial properties, if you are not looking for privacy. It is available in galvanized and vinyl coated along with a multitude of heights. Vinyl coated options are: brown, black and green. It can be installed as perimeter fencing, as dog kennels, garbage enclosures or even indoors to create secure storage areas. For commercial applications, shad cloth or privacy slats can be install for privacy options. Reference attached link for colors available and information regarding these options.

PDS Privacy Slats

Since we are a quality company, we only install the best quality materials. There are different gauges of wire and piping to select from. At Extraordinaire Fence Company, we only use 11 gauge wire and .065 thickness of pipe for residential applications and 9 gauge for commercial applications. This ensures durability and a fence that is going to be built to last. Remember, the smaller the gauge of wire, the better the product. The higher the percentage of thickness the more durable it will be. Please be sure to be asking the different gauges of wire and piping when you are visiting with other fence contractors to ensure you are comparing apples to apples.

At Extraordinaire Fence Company, we understand that choosing the right fencing option requires careful consideration and a clear understanding of its features and benefits. To assist you in making informed decisions, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about chain link fences. Explore the answers below to gain valuable insights into the qualities and characteristics of chain link fencing:

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How long does it typically take to install a chain link fence?

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